Drummond Communications has extensive entertainment industry experience working across sectors including theatrical, home entertainment, television, animation and VFX, and Government.  Our entertainment clients have included international film studios, global and local film distribution companies and specialist productions and brands. DC's services for the entertainment industry include; public relations, promotions and marketing broadly.

DC presently represents Animation and VFX studio Iloura in Australia, production company Cheeky Little Media and Gold Coast-based film distributor, Pinnacle Films.

Recent clients and projects include;  Animation and VFX Studio, Animal Logic, on campaigns including; 'Happy Feet', '300' and 'Legends of The Guardians; The Owls of Ga'Hoole'.  Happy Feet garnered Director George Miller an Oscar and firmly established Animal Logic as the first studio in Australia to create a feature-length animated movie.  'Legend of The Guardians; The Owls of Ga'Hoole' was Australia's first 3D animated feature movie, produced by Animal Logic's CEO Zareh Nalbandian, and directed by Zack Snyder.

As DreamWorks Australian agency, (2000-2008) DC developed the first franchise for the studio in Australia; SHREK - and managed the full national publicity and promotions campaigns of the first 3 SHREK films, in addition to all other DreamWorks Animation releases and key live action releases (Munich, A Beautiful MInd, Catch Me If You Can, Castaway, The Terminal etc) over this 8-year period.   DC also managed the home entertainment release campaigns for DreamWorks in Australia, working with Universal and Paramount Home Entertainment. 

Between 2000-2008 DC managed full channel Public Relations in Australia and New Zealand for local television channel UKTV, as well as campaigns for other Foxtel channels including Movie Network Channels and Showtime.  DC continues to work with many other entertainment brands in delivering consistent standards of excellence.





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